Zero Carb Interview: Rustik Johnson

Eat Meat. Drink Water.


1. How long have you been eating a Zero Carb (No Plant Foods) diet?

A little less than 2 years.

Prior to discovering the all-meat Zero Carb, I tried the Gerson Therapy (juices and coffee enemas) and Orthomolecular Therapy (high dose vitamins and minerals), Fecal Transplant (I was desperate!), Chelation Therapy. I tried many different food therapies and diets, in addition to many other alternative therapies like Reiki and Crystals, but none of them healed me.

2. What motivated you to try this way of eating? Weight? Health?

Health. I started having weird symptoms around age 21. At the age of 26, I was finally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis through MRI which showed demyelination of my nerves. I am now 32 and, thanks to eating a Zero Carb diet and doing alternate day dry fasting, I am like a whole new person.

Prior to getting sick, I used to drink 6…

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Maandag 23-1-2016


  • 4 in roomboter gebakken eieren, met hele dooier, met Castello Danish Blue


  • 85 gram sardines
  • 75 gram makreel
  • 2 hardgekookte eieren
  • 30 gram roomboter


  • 425 gram rundergehakt
  • 1 eetlepel mascarpone met 1 eetlepel creme fraiche en zoetstof


  • paar blokjes belegen kaas

Vrijdag 20-1-2017


  • 4 eieren met hele dooier, gebakken in roomboter, met Danish Blue


  • 75 gram sardines
  • Italiaanse rauwe ham met geitenkaas


  • spekknabbels


  • 4 ambachtelijke slavinken
  • 1 eetlepel Griekse yoghurt, 1 eetlepel Creme Fraiche, 1 eetlepel mascarpone, met zoetstof